Personalized, One-On-One Physical Therapy

Throughout The Great Lakes Bay Region

Renue was ranked as the #1 fastest
growing Physical Therapy company
in the State of Michigan and
the #2 fastest growing Physical
Therapy company in America by Inc.
Magazine. We attribute these amazing
rankings to our outstanding patient centered
care model and our experienced clinicians.

One-on-One Care Model

One-on-One Care - unlike other physical therapy clinics, at Renue Physical Therapy the patient encounters the same Physical Therapy Team from the initial evaluation through discharge. This increases the likelihood of a better outcome by enabling the following: Continuity of Care, Enhanced Treatment Continuum, Improved Communications, and High Patient Satisfaction.

Evidenced-Based Care

Our practice model embraces an Evidence-Based Approach. This encompasses the current, best evidence for treatment, clinical experience of the therapist, and patient preferences. This has been shown to provide the best clinical outcomes with faster recovery times, patient satisfaction, and patient compliance with treatment.   


When our team started Renue Physical Therapy, we researched the Physical Therapy Industry to learn what patients and doctors liked and what they disliked. Now we have the perfect formula for you.

In this day and age, there’s no reason you should have to suffer through chronic pain on a daily basis. Why live a life of discomfort when help may be just around the corner?

As medical technology has continued to progress, physical therapists around the world have developed innovative treatments to combat just about any ailment. Continued research has made it possible to recover from the most harrowing of injuries. 


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