Patient Satisfaction

What Patients are Saying about Renue’s One-on-One Care Model and Past Physical Therapy Experience

“I like the One-on-One care you get here (Renue) over what I had at other places. I have mentioned to others this is the place to come for therapy.” – Georgia

“Very satisfied with my experience at Renue. My therapist Kent (Saginaw, Bay Rd. Clinic) was professional, caring, and competent. I liked the process of one therapist working with me from start to finish.” – Bob

"Very professional, useful knowledge.  Made me feel welcome and always very positive. - Steven

“Many times I’ve been in therapy, and only 3 out 7 times, did I have One-on-One therapy working on my legs. Here was always One-on-One and helped me a lot.” – Henry

“Your therapists are the best. Loved the One-on-One. Would highly recommend Renue.” – Janice

“Renue Physical Therapy was my first choice for physical therapy. Their history and personnel suggested that they understand the needs of an athlete. That is the approach to my therapy that I desired. The One-on-One session with the same therapist was a bonus. The ability to customize the treatment to my problems was also a bonus.” – Tim

“I have been through physical therapy before at other places and it seemed like I was on an assembly line going from one machine to the other, sometimes but not always, with little interaction with the PT. I felt Mindy (Renue, Bridgeport Clinic) cared for me only as a patient who needed therapy but also as a person who was in pain.” – Janet

“The help and therapy was the best I have received from any of the other places I have gone to. In short a “job well done” is in order and I am referring all my friends.” – Ken

“Over the past 10 years, I have needed physical therapy 5 times. This was the best experience I have had. Lisa (Renue-Freeland Clinic) helped me reach my goals with care and compassion.” – Ann

“I’ve had PT at other facilities in the past and didn’t have really high expectations but after only one therapy session there were significant improvements. I can’t say enough about Renue.” – Michelle

“They have what others have failed to do. Having had to use other PT services over the years, I have been extremely satisfied with the outstanding knowledge and abilities.” – Kelly

“I have never had therapy of this quality before. I achieved excellent improvement with balance and daily activities.” – Mary

“I’ve been to many physical therapy offices over the years. Thank goodness I found Renue and wish I had been referred here years ago.” – Kate

“From prior experience at other therapy facility, I would highly recommend Renue over them, techniques were overall the best and results fantastic.” – Cindy

“I have had many PT experiences in the last several years and this was by far the best treatment I have ever had. I improved at a tremendous rate and could not be happier! My therapist was excellent and the rest of the staff was friendly and amazing.” – Gary

Patient Satisfaction 2016


100% of patients indicated the Renue Physical Therapist understood their problem or condition.

The Physical Therapist understood my problem or condition.
  • Strongly Agree: 711/750
  • Agree: 37/750
  • Neither Agree nor Disagree: 2/750
  • Disagree: 0/750

99.87% of patients indicated the Renue Physical Therapist explained details about their condition and any related procedure in a way they could understand.

The Physical Therapist explained details about your condition and any related procedure in a way you could understand.
  • Strongly Agree: 691/748
  • Agree: 52/748
  • Neither Agree nor Disagree: 4/748
  • Disagree: 1/748

100% of patients indicated the Renue Physical Therapy staff was friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

The staff that worked with you was friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
  • Strongly Agree: 725/737
  • Agree: 12/737
  • Neither Agree nor Disagree: 0/737
  • Disagree: 0/737

100% of patients would recommend Renue Physical Therapy to others.

Would you recommend Renue Physical Therapy to others?
  • Strongly Agree: 723/738
  • Agree: 15/738
  • Neither Agree nor Disagree: 0/738
  • Disagree: 0/738

100% of patients would return to Renue Physical Therapy if they needed care in the future.

I would return to this clinic if I required physical therapy care in the future.
  • Strongly Agree: 709/738
  • Agree: 27/738
  • Neither Agree nor Disagree: 2/738
  • Disagree: 0/738

100% of patients were satisfied with the overall quality of their physical therapy care at Renue.

I was satisfied with the overall quality of my physical therapy care.
  • Strongly Agree: 697/737
  • Agree: 39/737
  • Neither Agree nor Disagree: 1/737
  • Disagree: 0/737

99.32% of patients indicated their total experience at Renue Physical Therapy was Excellent or Above Average.

Please rate your total experience at the clinic.
  • Excellent: 695/738
  • Above Average: 38/738
  • Average: 5/738
  • Below Average: 0/738
  • Poor: 0/738

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