Workers' Compensation at Renue Physical Therapy
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Todd Sutton
Workers' Comp Director
Phone: 1.989.598.1093
  • We want to treat your workers’ comp injury incidents – we work in concert with your current Workers’ Compensation program
  • We can save your business time and cost - by achieving sustainable & measurable cost savings
  • We focus on treating injured workers and situational assessments to eliminate injuries from occurring
  • We are committed to a pure patient – centered practice model, supported through evidence based outcome results while focused on patient experience, satisfaction & outcomes

Value Proposition
  • Employer & Workers’ Compensation Service Provider – Renue will reduce employee work related injuries, save $, and reduce time lost – our solution is lean and simple
  • Employee – our focus is to get the employee back to work and earning full wages. Our one-on-one care model typically achieves less PT visits per injury, lower recertification rates, and greatly reduces the likelihood of re-injuring themselves
  • Referring Medical Professional – our focus is to deliver excellent patient outcomes and maintain a continuity of care through ongoing communications. We want to validate the medical professionals decision.

Why Choose Renue
  • You have the choice to go wherever you want to receive Physical Therapy treatment
  • One on one care – same PT team that treats the patient throughout rehab process
  • 9 convenient locations in the Great Lakes Bay Region
  • Clinic Director Ownership & Professionally trained clinical staff
  • Largest Physical Therapy provider - we treat more patients than any other provider.
  • Documented Outcome Results:
    • Less Visits per Referral
    • Lower Recertification Rates
    • Excellent Patient Satisfaction Rates

  • Prevention:
    • Post Offer/Pre Employment Screening
    • On Site Assessment & Training
  • Function:
    • Injury Evaluation & Treatment
    • Communication Reporting throughout treatment 
    • Work Conditioning
    • Work Hardening
    • 30-60-90 Care Follow-up
  • Performance:
    • FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation)
    • Aging Workforce

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